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The sound of a leaf, falling gently on the ground in a misty park. The persistent smell of dying rose in a Florentine garden. The chill of an early morning on the Dolomites.

The collection starts as an intimate journey, exploring nostalgia as evoked and provoked by images and sounds, smells, tastes. It then develops to become the material representation of the desperate need to go further, to reach the promises of an unknown future. It all comes down to a failed attempt to freeze something as swift as an emotion, to frame it, to claim we own it. Is it really possible though, to possess a feeling?


The designs draw their significance from a very personal feeling; experiences that became memories, crystallised in an undefined space and time, are the basis of a constellation of instants that translate into accessories. the concept behind the whole capsule reveals as utterly dynamic, a constant tension between what we have been and what we will inevitably end up becoming.

The edges of life and death get blurred in the layering of different objects and in the alteration of their material substance. Basic physics principles, applied to memories, result into pieces that are ephemeral because of their provenance: they ultimately originate in time, its passing is essentially what allows them to be - even for a short while. Eternity gets trapped in in the thin layers of transparent pvc, as do petals and wires, leaves, even some pasta all representing a piece of the puzzle of my own path, as designer and human being.

A personal aesthetic that privileges neat and clean lines clashes with a fascination for what is irregular, flawed and unique, generating a collection that plays on the unstable balance of the measurable and the inexplicable, the sublime. The starting point is represented by the classic lines of traditional designs, such as the Derby, which twists into something else because of the encounter of unconventional materials and techniques.

Even though the references are varied and chosen for their emotional value, constant is the link to the Renaissance; not only as the celebration of a precisely Italian sensibility, but also as the moment when technology and tradition got into such a exquisite dialogue, interweaving the natural and the artificial, the real and the aspirational, the past and the future in the fabric of the present.

Words - Marta Franceschini

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